It Was Absolutely Wonderful

7 Jan


By: Tom Heck

It Was Absolutely Wonderful

                We had some very special friends in this last summer for a picnic.  They had all traveled from a long ways; some had even come from foreign countries.  Since none of them were dairy farmers, we knew having them to our farm here would make for a very interesting day.  They were surprised at many things on our farm here, but in the end the biggest surprise was on us!

They marveled at all the machinery and equipment that it takes to dairy farm here in Wisconsin.  They had hundreds of questions to ask about the machinery here: what each piece was used for and how it worked exactly.  After answering their questions the best I could on that, then they had a lot of questions on the crops we grow to feed our cattle.  I took them out into one of our hayfields that had alfalfa and orchard grass growing in it.  They found this extremely interesting.  They had never seen this before, which surprised me.  They asked me if I was familiar with some certain forage crops that were grown in their country that looked somewhat similar to my hay crop here.  They named them off and I had to admit that I had never ever heard of those grasses and forage crops in my life.  This was proving to be very interesting and educational to all of us!

After this, it was off to see the cattle.  They really admired them and wanted to know all about them.  How we take care of them, how we feed them and how we milk them.  They were also amazed when Bronson came with his large milk truck to pick up our milk.  They watched him get our milk.  I could see he was real uneasy about it, especially since a number of our guests were talking in their native languages!  It isn’t everyday that our milk hauler has this happen to him.

While we were doing all this though, a couple of our guests were sneaking around here with Catherine.  What were they up to you ask?  Well, they had found out that Joanne and I were about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in two weeks.  So they had decided to surprise and bless us.

They put up a bunch of wedding decorations in front of our house and then just before we were to sit down for our picnic dinner they blindfolded Joanne and myself and led us out in front of our house.  When they took our blindfolds off, we were absolutely shocked!  We never expected anything like this at all.  There on a card table was a beautiful wedding cake.  Next to it stood Catherine with the veil Joanne had worn 25 years before.  Mark, one of our guests that pastors churches in Paris, France, picked up his book to remarry us all over again.  But, Joanne with tears in her eyes had to stop him and run and get our vows from 25 years before.  And then we got married all over again. After that we had our picnic dinner and some wonderful fellowship.  It was the most wonderful day of the whole year for us.

Yes, it’s absolutely wonderful to be married to Joanne, the bride God chose for me.  I have never regretted marrying her.  I love her with all my heart and count it a privilege to go through life with her everyday serving God.  It truly is the most wonderful life possible.

It’s wonderful how God made marriage a holy and sacred covenant only to be entered into between a man and woman.  The Holy Scriptures clearly say in Mark 10:6-7, “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife.”  When we follow God’s ways, then we live the most blessed lives possible.  If we go against God’s ways then it brings heartache and misery.  And in the end certain judgment.



   Joshua, Joanne, Tom and Catherine.