A New Door

5 Feb


By: Tom Heck

A New Door

                I have seen over the years how God oftentimes answers prayer in totally unexpected ways.  And then, I don’t realize He’s doing it until it’s done.  What an amazing God we serve.  Such is what has happened here in the last couple of years.

It was nearly three years ago that I went before our cooperative creamery board and addressed them on their decision to start to sell alcohol along with their cheese to increase profits.  I told them how alcohol contributes to so many broken lives, families and marriages.  I also told them how drunk driving causes so many accidents on our roadways, hurting and killing so many people.  The board shrugged off my comments saying, “We have liability insurance so we’re protected.”  I was shocked at their response.

As Christians, we love our fellow man and want to bless him, and not hurt him in any way.  On our dairy farm here, we seek to produce high quality milk that will be processed into high quality dairy products that consumers will buy and put on their tables to bless their families.  It has bothered us greatly that our creamery was processing our milk into cheese and selling it alongside the alcohol.  So we have prayed very much about this situation.

And then this last November, something totally unexpected happened.  The vice-president of one of the largest butter and cheese manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin had read a bunch of my writings and invited us for a personal tour of his facilities.  Needless to say, we jumped at his invitation.  So, on a cold November day, he led us through his butter and cheese manufacturing facilities.

To say we were impressed by him and his manufacturing facilities would be an understatement.  We were amazed!  All of the technology and equipment used to process and package the butter, cheese and other by-products was incredible.  But, that isn’t all of it.  We were greatly impressed with all the workers throughout the facilities also.  The combination of excellent workers, with high quality milk and outstanding production facilities leads to superior dairy products.

When we left that day, we thanked the vice-president for a once-in-a-lifetime tour.  We will remember it the rest of our lives.  On the way home, we talked a lot about what we had all seen that day.  And each one of us was wondering down inside if we should be shipping our milk there.

So after talking and praying about it as a family over the last several weeks, we have decided to leave our old creamery and sell our milk to this one instead.  This one does not sell alcohol and actually pays a premium price for high quality milk.  They really want high quality milk because they strive to produce outstanding dairy products.

                As of January 1st our milk is going to this new creamery.  We here are all excited about it.  We know this is an answer to prayer.  The main motive in our lives is not making money; it’s serving God.  We count it a privilege to serve God in farming here, and to produce high quality food that blesses people.