The Geese Are Going South Again

14 Dec


By:  Tom Heck

The Geese Are Going South Again

                Fall is a very busy time of year out here on the farm as we get the crops all harvested and prepare for the long winter ahead up here in northern Wisconsin.  Even though there is much work to do, we greatly enjoy it.  Being outdoors working this time of year is wonderful. 

                Almost every day now, we see flocks of Canadian geese flying over, honking and honking as they go.  We always have to look up at them and watch them go in their V formations.  We hate to see them heading south, because we know there’s a long winter ahead for us, who have to stay here.  We sure look forward to their return in the spring. 

                For these birds to travel thousands of miles every year is absolutely amazing.  God, the Divine Creator, gave them the wisdom and strength to do so.  I know also, as I look to Him daily, He will give me the wisdom and strength that I need, to do the work He’s called me to do.  After all, He tells us in His word that we are of much more value than the birds! 

                Sometimes, we will have a flock of geese land in our harvested hay and corn fields to find food to eat before heading south more.  Once, a number of years ago, we had flock after flock landing on our farm here, till their numbers totaled way up into the thousands.  It was amazing when they all took off, how they darkened the skies. 

                There is one incident a number of years ago that I will never forget.  It was Dec. 24th, a bitter cold day with strong winds out of the north.  Wind chills were way below zero, and we were finishing up some work out by our silos.  We have a freeway that runs north – south by our farm which has a speed limit of 70 mph on it.  Often times though people exceed that.

                While working by our silos there, we heard the familiar honking of the geese.  We were surprised to hear them this late in the year.  We looked up to see a large flock of snow-white arctic geese heading south as fast as they could go.  I said to the kids that they had their after- burners on.  They were flying south along the freeway and they were going far faster than what the highway traffic was.  I’m sure they were doing at least 100 mph. 

                We watched in amazement at the speed they went in their large V formation.  Each one of them working together for the good of the whole group.  The strongest one by himself could never fly that fast, they have to work together.  We can learn from them.  On the farm here, things go much better when we work together in love and harmony.  And it’s so much more enjoyable then too.  That’s how God meant it to be.  But it’s each one of us doing our part for the good of the whole.  We can learn a lot from God’s geese.  The Bible says we are to love one another and serve one another.  If the geese can do that, we ought to be able to also. 

                From our farm to your home, have a very blessed Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to give God thanks for all His many wonderful blessings to us this year again.  He alone is worthy.